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60$ off Exclusive Discount
60$ off Exclusive Discount
Redeem a 60$ off Exclusive Discount on Wp Scope Using latest Promo Codes

WPScope is a WordPress plugin that turns Periscope’s traffic, content, and fan power into your personal traffic factory…

Instead of videos getting deleted after 24 hours…

WPScope curates an autopilot blog made up of high-quality permanent Scopes that drive red-hot traffic back to your blog

Where you can capture opt in details, sell affiliate offers, retarget them and more… in short, turning your free Periscope traffic into an audience for LIFE.



Redeem Wp Scope Discount

How Wpscope plugin works on our wordpress website ?

See, how this plugin create a autopilot blog to generate huge traffic.

WPScope gives you two incredible options:

You can search Periscope for fresh content to curate, giving you an exciting and valuable resource of video that most likely won’t be found anywhere else after 24 hours…

Simply search within the plugin, tap a button to contact the scoper – telling them how awesome it would be to build their brand and their following with syndication on your website.

Everything on Autopilot :

WPScope doesn’t just automatically detect when you’ve posted a new Scope… it’s constantly scanning Periscope for new relevant content from your favourite Scopers.

The WPScope plugin spreads the word by auto-posting back to Twitter and Facebook (just add your API integration and WPScope will do the rest.)

WPScope will publish your newly curated, optimized content straight to your blog, ready to start pulling in traffic, leads and link juice…(or save it as a draft for you to publish at your convenience).

This plugin creates headlines, titles, tags to set-up to your blog post. It’ll even add a customizable YouTube description for you.


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