Resolve 3 joomla Errors – Database, Jfactory & Admin Url

Today I like to teach you, how to resolve the 3 Joomla errors, we are getting. Regarding Database, Jfactory & Admin Url..

Joomla Database Error – Could not connect to MySQL :

Resolve 3 joomla errors

Joomla Database Error is a common problem happening to many Joomla users. One day i faced a problem in Joomla on a remote host for the past few days. Tried reinstalling using a fresh copy of the Joomla files so I even deleted the Joomla files (uploaded by past users of my development team) in the remote server, but I realized that I ended up getting the “could not connect to Database” message in the browser.


Then I tried to install using the manual installation method: After completing all the steps in the manual installation section of the installation manual, I got the error message again “Database Error: Unable to connect to the database: Could not connect to MySQL” .




How to solve Joomla Database Error?

After referring to the forums, I changed the server hostname to ‘localhost, and the error message became “Database Error: Unable to connect to “Could not connect to database” Is this considered an improvement in my situation? (it looks like a partial improvement if any). how do I rectify the new error? i tried for 2 days  i check My configuration.php info are as such: * Database configuration section
* ————————————————————————-
/* Database Settings */
var $dbtype = ‘mysql’; // Normally mysql
var $host = ‘localhost’;
// This is normally set to localhost
var $user = ‘xxx_xxxx’; // MySQL username
var $password = ‘xxxx’; // MySQL password
var $db = ‘xxx_xxxx’; // MySQL database name
var $dbprefix = ‘jos_’; // Do not change unless you need to!

/* Server Settings */
var $secret = ‘xxxxx’; //Change this to something more secure
var $gzip = ‘0’;
var $error_reporting = ‘-1’;
var $helpurl = ‘’;
var $xmlrpc_server = ‘1’;
var $ftp_host = ‘’;
var $ftp_port = ’21’;
var $ftp_user = ‘xxxx’;
var $ftp_pass = ‘xxxx’;
var $ftp_root = ‘/www’;
var $ftp_enable = ‘1’;
var $tmp_path= ‘/tmp’;
var $log_path= ‘/var/logs’;
var $offset = ‘0’;
var $live_site = ”; 
// Optional,

Full URL to Joomla install. I have tried to recreate the database/username in my remote host’s cpanel, tried to download a fresh copy of the Joomla 1.5 files for uploading via ftp, almost everything that could try with reference to the manual and the forums but it doesn’t work.  i backup MySQL and again connected to the configuration.php file And the error was not solved. then i think it was a manual error done by me.

If you followed the above steps but still the Joomla Database Error is not resolved then it may be an error done by you in your database.

sometimes the site will load, but sometimes it won’t. when the site was loading i log in with one of my user accounts. i see i have deleted some users in my Joomla database, then again i have inserted tables in MySQL with the same user ids..then the Joomla database error is gone and i am so happy now..

‘JFactory’ error in Joomla:

'JFactory' error in joomla
‘JFactory’ error in Joomla

Everyone knows that Joomla is a very powerful cms with a lot of components & modules.

‘JFactory’ error in Joomla may cause due to any component or plugin installed recently on your may also cause if you deleted some useful files in your Joomla website.

if you have the following error occurring when trying to access a fresh Joomla install?


It may cause previous installation files of Joomla. so delete all files & re-install a fresher Joomla website.

IF the error occurs on a live website then you have to be careful to solve the issue without loss of data.

‘JFactory’ error messages :

Fatal error: Class ‘JFactory’ not found in C:wampwwwjoomlainstallationindex.php on line 69
Call Stack
# Time Memory Function Location
1 0.0094 150272 {main}( ) ..index.php:0
Things You have to do first Is ” You Do a backup of your Joomla website ” because we have to delete or Test the site in different ways to solve the error.

Method 1:
“Class ‘JFactory'” indicates that some files seem to be missing. If you have a previous backup file then
Re-upload zip file and extract all directly in the server so that the error gets resolved.

Method 2 :
If it does not resolve the issue, you should step back the PHP version from 5.4.x to 5.3.x using the WampServer updates, as there are a number of ongoing reported issues with PHP 5.4.x due to bugs in the software. Still existing with 5.4.4.

method 3:

Hire me, I am a Joomla guy working on Joomla from past years, if we are not good technically, we have to hire someone to resolve the issue. It’s a good method to resolve issues with some bucks.

How to change the administrator Url in Joomla?

Joomla as well as quite a few 3rd party extensions rely on the “administrator” folder. If you change the folder name it will break your site. Instead, you could password protect your administrator directory. If you have cPanel this is easy. That way if someone goes to all they will see is a popup login box asking you for a username and password and a blank white page behind it.

Another option is to use .htaccess to password protect or even only allow access from a specific IP.

There are also extensions such as Jsecure which requires you to have an access key to be able to access the login page

Other similar extensions here:

If your host uses cPanel or provides a way to password protect, I would go that route as it is the easiest and you then wouldn’t rely on a 3rd party extension or have to add code to .htaccess

There are Extensions that redirect the URL to And require a URL like to reach the Admin login screen.

 Not solved? post a comment for help.. or hire me to resolve your Joomla Error.

Best Joomla Hosting Providers: 1-click install via Cpanel:

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4. File restrictions: some Shared hosts impose a maximum size on each of the files you upload

5. User reviews: We need to check User Reviews before Taking a Web Hosting plan.

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Bonus tip:  How to Transfer Joomla from localhost to a remote host

Transfer Joomla from localhost to a remote host in the following ways.

(i) Use the extension Akeeba Backup Core to backup your site including the database. You have to transfer the archive file created by Akeeba Backup Core to your remote host and use the kickstart.php script file (created by Akeeba Backup Core developers) to restore the site.

(ii) Use the manual process. Review the document for more information.

(a) In both cases, you have to create a new database on the remote host, create a user for the database, grant all privileges to the user for connecting to it.
(b) Akeeba is already mentioned in the document referenced.
(c) There is no need to install Joomla! on the remote host.

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