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How to speed up your Blog Hosted by blogger

speed up your Blog with my Techniques: If your blogger site was loading slowly detect the script or images which are loading slowly ,check whether it was hosted by Google code.if not upload scripts to Google code . Normally when you installed custom template you have to check the codes ...

How to Deploy PHP to Heroku in Seconds

Deploy php to Heroku: We’ve raved about the brilliance of Heroku before, mostly around the fact that it makes launching a Rails or Node app rather simple without having to configure your own server. But what if you want the same kind of freedom and speed of deployment with PHP? Fortunately, ...

AppFog vs. Heroku which is best?

AppFog vs. Heroku which is best? Choosing a platform as a service (PAAS) for your new web application can be a difficult and confusing task. There are countless platforms to choose from, each having their own strengths and weaknesses. To aid in your decision, I have selected two of the ...

Add Auto read blogger feature for Blog templates

Auto read more blogger Feature :     Add auto read more blogger feature to blogger template using simple code. Today when i open tutskit i have seen auto read more was not working, so i uploaded the javascript in google code.So that it will load fast as it was hosted by google.   ...

Email subscription box for blogger

How likely you like add a email subscription box to your blogger blog & get readers to increase your traffic.if you didnt have a feedburner account.Get a account on feedburner website. Add Email Subscription Box In Blogger Copy the below code and replace "tutskit" word  with your feed ...

Elance: Get 10 connects for free with Signup

Elance :Get 10 connects for free at , Today i will tell you how to get extra 10 connects. The world of freelance marketplace in world. 10 connects for free in elance before signup Remember : This opportunity if for Newbies who are interested to earn money from elance market place. If you didnt ...

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