Long tail Pro v 3.0 keyword research tool Review, Worthy ?

Long tail keyword research tool for your Blog Articles will rank you better in Seo, Do you know why ? Because, Big Websites or Blog’s Wont target those keywords more, they will get less volume in search. It’s the Main Point & advantage for Small Blogs. Google will rank pages based on their ranking in first page on search results. Right ?


“If you write an article on “seo”, Targeting the keyword seo (or) search engine optimization. Your article is like a drop in ocean. Your articles wont be listed in first 100 pages of google search results.May be you can’t even see where your page is available in google or yahoo or Bing.”

So this long tail keywords are came into the position for small Bloggers or startups. So that we can target a keyword having a Tail & Writing an article on it.

What is this long tail keyword ?

When You look at the above image, you seen long tail keywords examples having lengthy Words, Those are known as Long Tail Keywords.

For Example , You are Writing an article on WordPress plugin, The you have Written Your article Title as ” WordPress plugin for Seo ” Then you Published the article. Targeting the keyword WordPress plugin. That keyword has been used by many bloggers around the world. there wont be anything new in that article, your page,article,time everything is wasted.

Free long tail keyword tool :

Google Keyword planner is a Research Tool in ad words tools is one of the free tool for bloggers , it is the best free keyword discovery tool will suggest you Search volume based on location, traffic & also whether the keyword has High Competition or Low Competition .

ubersuggest : Ubersuggest tool is free long tail keyword tool that will suggest keywords based on your query.When you search for a keyword, a list of keywords will appear & we can’t get how much search volume & Data on this tool.

However, There are So Much Limitations & You cant get The right data to analyse the website traffic , You cant Optimize the keywords Easily using free tools. You can filter the words & Search traffic.

Premium Tools for keyword Research :

long tail pro

Long Tail pro : Long tail keyword research tool

If you Need a software to make Keyword research , then long tail pro is a best software to make use of the Technology. This software is amazing in getting results & applying filters.

Long tail keyword research tool

When you See above Picture , you can search keywords, set local searches & Global searches. This Desktop keyword research software available in Monthly, Platinum & Premium lifetime plan. if You like to Purchase this software, we have a Big Discount for you. Here is a link to get a 70% Discount on Long tail Professional  & if you like to purchase monthly or lifetime plan of platinum, You can visit here

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Difference Between Professional & Premium plans of Long tail keyword research tool:

keyword research tools

However, You can purchase the Long tail keyword research tool software, if you really interested to become a Pro Blogger. The famous SEO Guy’s has said that,

“Before Platinum, Long Tail Pro still got the job done. But now that it has a Keyword Difficulty metric (the only accurate one I’ve honestly been able to find…), it’s surpassed my expectations for a software app and it’s really taken my niche research to the next level.”

Jon Cooper,Point Blank SEO

“Long Tail Pro has become a major cornerstone to how I perform keyword research for my publishing business. So far the Platinum version has delivered. The time and effort to discover new solid keywords has been reduced yet again.”

Nathan Gustafson

If You are Digital Marketing Professional Searching for Competitor analysis Tool then Semrush is Best tool for Your Website or Blog. It will analyse your website & your competitor. For which keyword, your website ranks better & How to build back links , How to dominate in google search. .

How Long tail keyword research tool (Long Trail pro) Works Video Tutorial :

Long tail keyword research tool is very important in blogging & content promoting niches, it makes you to get more organic traffic, which leads to more conversions.

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