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Leadpages is Your go-to solution for lead generation and more! Turning clicks into customers with Easy-peasy solutions for online

Online businesses are on the rise, but to keep the trajectory of your sales upwards, you need a continuous flow of leads. Lead generation, especially in today’s time, can be tricky (and

There’s a lot that goes into generating quality leads online – including a landing page. A landing page is where your website visitors can turn into customers. It is where you sell your
product or service, and convince them to buy it. Creating a landing page is another hassle altogether, but not with Leadpages. Leadpages is the tool you need – for all things lead generation!

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Leadpages Free Trial + Review

Leadpages offers you 4 core products to generate quality leads. Here’s a quick overview:

Leadpages Free Trial + Review

 1. Website Builder:

Honestly, for business persons without a tech background, website building can be tedious. It is also expensive if you hire someone to do it for you (you might even get ripped off!). So, what should you do? Answer = Leadpages.

What I love about Leadpages website builder is you can:

  1. build a code-free website and customize it as per your likes
  2. use web pages that are pre-built (save time and energy)
  3. employ beautiful and professionally designed templates

It loads quickly, has a mobile responsive design, built-in SEO tracking, and much more!

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2. Landing Pages:

A landing page is a page that decides whether you convert a lead into a customer or not. It can make or break your next sale. It’s that important. Trust me, you do not want to compromise on your landing page (or outsource it where you have little to no control over how it looks!).

Leadpages’ landing page is your safest and best bet. It is easy to use, comes loaded with insightful features, and lets you integrate your landing page with marketing automation platforms.

My favorite features of Leadpages Landing Pages are:

– DIY landing page with a drag-and-drop feature
– no limit on the number of landing pages
– performance prediction with the built-in tool – no price increment based on number of leads

3. Pop-up Forms:

If there was a way to tap into the target lead’s interest point at the right time, you would seize the opportunity, wouldn’t you? Leadpages’ Pop-up Forms help you do just that, without actually having to do the work manually!

Pop-up Forms caught my attention because you can set up pop-ups at just the right timings like, when your lead is about to exit your website or when they click on any specific product or service you offer.

With Leadpages, your pop-up form can be ready within minutes and also gives you flexible publishing options!

4. Alert Bars:

Alert Bars are often not optimized. The right kind of alert bar could have more power than your landing page, website, and pop-up forms combined.

The Leadpages alert bars are mobile-friendly, can be published flexibly, and help you track the performances of each alert bar!

Another reason why Leadpages is great is smooth integration.

Leadpages’ integration with major marketing software for analytics, digital marketing, live chat, payments, scheduling, etc. gives your business a competitive edge.

Final Thoughts on Leadpages – Yay or Nay?

The features Leadpages provides are second to none. It’s smooth, simple, easy and its DIY landing page builder is a must-have sales tool for online businesses.

They have 3 plans to suit your business needs

– Standard, which is priced at $27 per month;

Pro at $59 per month and Custom pricing based on your requirements.

It does seem pricey, but the ratio of benefits to price is high, and thus a strong reason to give Leadpages a try.

With Leadpages, there’s no stopping you from generating quality leads and scaling your business to the next level!

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