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The all new Kindle Spy is an emerging tool in the market it is a new & unique software application that reverses engineers the Kindle marketplace and also reveals lucrative Kindle niches in a fraction of seconds. One of the best and automated tools in the Amazon Kindle market right now.

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Browse any category in the Amazon Kindle marketplace, while you are browsing in the background the Kindle spy will automatically reverse engineer the best sellers that are available in the market. If you want more information about any Amazon Kindle category you can just simply click on the Kindle spy tool it will automatically in mere seconds, you can know the landscape of that category and the potential profit you could make along with this you will get the individual performance of the Kindle books.

There are lot more options using the Kindle spy tool like if you want the best selling niches of a specific category after you select your interests it will calculate all the words that the best selling books use in their titles also shows which type of words to use in your book titles. Also one of the best options of Kindle spy tool is to analyze Niche Potential with the Kindle search results analysis feature this will instantly tell you the potential in that niche.

Everyone has that curiosity to find out how much money the other self-published authors are making, by a single click the Kindle spy tool will analyze any author page and tell you all the statistics with a just single click it will tell you the best seller rank of all their Kindle books along with estimated sales.

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