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It is useful for promoting your product and for the expansion of your business widely and earns money.

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Social networks like Facebook, Twitter are used very widely for marketing but the engagement in this networks are low compared to Instagram.

Instagram is a social Networking Application with a 400 million daily users and 600 million monthly users with a good engagement rate.

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Compared to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter it performs 100% engagement rate.

For this only 85% of the top brands and companies are using and promoting their product in Instagram and making profits.

How to make Profits ??

Instamate is a web software that will enable us to edit, find upload and schedule in autopilot mode and you can monetize the content and products and earn profits.

The Instagram is a mobile application and most of the people will use only in mobile for a business purpose it is very difficult to use by using INSTAmate you can use it on the computer.

 Key Feature Of Instamate:

Never Worry about Viral content & schedule for months: Never worry about the viral content the instamate will find it in seconds and displays you.

If you’re busy for a month you can schedule your posts for months in Instamate.

Traffic Free:  Instamate will provide you 100% traffic free, it will find you the most viral hashtag that will boost your products.

Cloud-Based & Multiple: Instamate is a cloud-based service, just you can post are schedule instamate will do the rest.

Don’t think that we can have only one account in Instagram the Instamate will provide you multiple accounts and you can all set to post instantly.

Instamate will provide thousand’s of fan’s within few weeks, not only the viral content you can upload your own products and videos instantly to your instamate account.

Just by one click, you can see the viral content on Instagram and Twitter anywhere in the world.

You will be provided an Instamate professional service in this they will show the tips and tactics of how to use Instamate.

Buy the Instamate tool with 20% offer and earn the profits from today.

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