How to Install Android Studio on Linux ?

How to install Android Studio on Linux, Android Studio provides everything you need to start developing android applications, including Android Studio IDE and tool android SDK. Before You Install android studio on Linux, make sure you have installed the JDK 6 or more (JRE alone is not sufficient) .Versi JDK 7 and above is required when developing apps for android 5.0 lollipop. In this tutorial I’m using Linux mint 17.1 and can also be installed on debian, Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems. To check whether you’ve installed the JDK, open a terminal and type javac version . If the JDK is not installed or a version lower than 6, Download JDK [ Here ]

Install Android Studio in Linux

1. Download Android Studio for Linux [ Here ]
2. Unzip the file Android Studio which we downloaded earlier. Put in the home directory.
3. To run the studio open android terminal. Type as below

cd android-studio / bin




4. If the SDK is not installed. Follow the setup wizard to install the SDK and Tool SDK required.


This is the view android studio on linux.

In my screenshot using the theme darcula on android studio.



Note: You may need to install the package ia32-libs, lib32ncurses5-dev and lib32stdc ++ 6, these packages are required to install 32-bit applications on 64-bit machines.

Thus Articles How To Install Android Studio on Linux . Hopefully this article helpful. Keep up to get the latest update android studio. If you experience difficulties please do not hesitate to ask in the comment box. Thanks

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