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How To Start a WordPress Blog & Setup ,Installation

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Mahesh Kummara

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On June 28, 2016
Last modified:June 1, 2018


BlueHost is a wordpress.org recommended web hosting for Every startup , who needs best hosting at a affordable price.

How To Start a WordPress Blog , many people asked me this question. If you are reading this tutorial on tutskit.com means, you too interested in starting a WordPress blog. First , i Need to congratulate you, As you are interested in starting a WordPress blog to share your Thoughts & Experience’s online, we are a community now, Lets get started !



WordPress is a open source platform Where we can use it to start a blog, its a best platform used by millions of people , it was stable even you have 10,000 to 100000 visits daily.


There may be 1000’s of web-hosting company’s in the world or even more. Bluehost will be at the top of them, they have been hosting millions of WordPress blogs with optimised performance. WordPress.org has been recommending Bluehost services since 10 years.

How to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost:

Step 1: Get hosting on Bluehost. Sign up with a special offer

Step 2: No need to register a domain with other service providers, Free Domain With Every Hosting account, Save $12.

Step 3: Place your domain in new domain,if you already registered. Or Place your domain in right side, if you already have a domain name.

WORDPRESS BLOG setup on bluehost

Step 4: Click “Next” After that complete your registration form in all required fields. No addons required to check, un check them.

Step 5: Finally, you need to pay bill with a valid debit or credit card, which was accepted internationally .

Step 6 : Once you have done the payment, you will get a Email to your registered Id, with all Credentials to login into your Cpanel.

Installing a WordPress Blog on Bluehost :

Step 7 : once you login into Cpanel, You will see a Mojo Marketplace icon or name in Control panel. Click on that.

Step 8 : You will be redirected to a Marketplace, Then Click on Install WordPress icon, i a banner

install wordpress

Once you Click on install WordPress, you will get below screenshot :

install wp


That’s it Dude, you have successfully installed your new blog, Login to WordPress admin panel & start blogging. Happy Blogging on your new WordPress blog.

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BlueHost is a wordpress.org recommended web hosting for Every startup , who needs best hosting at a affordable price.

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