How to Start a New blog on WordPress ?

How to Start a New blog on WordPress?

Do you think it’s easy for you to install a WordPress blog in 5 minutes? yes, it’s easy even you don’t have any knowledge. This tutorial is for people who have bought a cpanel Hosting from the industry’s best hosting providers.

Every Business Needs a Website or Blog to be Success full. Choosing A Domain is very important to start a Blog.


First, You need to choose a domain name before choosing a web host, if you already have a Domain name, You go to the next step, If you are creating a Business for Appliances or you like to sell something,

choose a Related name to your business, like appliances247 .com or appliancesarizona .com or

if you need a domain name for the company, choose the name Example: M.k Services

Register , if .com is not available register , .co.UK , .inc , .net , .tech , .in Etc.. many domain extensions are available. You can search the domain name at Godaddy. It will show related domain names that you can choose

Registering a Domain name will come free with Bluehost, Greengeeks & ipage hosting services With Free Marketing tools. You needed to research a Specific name via Godaddy Domain Search tools. After the availability, you can place the same name in any hosting provider while registering.

I hope you have researched the domain name via the Godaddy Domain search tool.

You May or May does not have an Idea about choosing the Right Blog platform, There are a lot of platforms available in the world of the internet, But only 1 platform was used extensively in millions in the world of the internet.  This blog is hosted on Greengeeks (green Powered Hosting)  is a very different thing than a self-hosted blog on which costs more than $$.

As there were Many Platforms For Blogging like & blogger. The Free Blogging platform has many downsides to manage or customize the look & feel & functionality you required in the future.  You can’t control and future flexibility by using any free blogging platform.

How to Choose a website hosting?

Everyone has a typical situation to choose website hosting servers for their websites. Websites can be simple or Hard Coded or Built-up with open source platforms. For example, if you are hosting a WordPress website you just need a Good Webhosting like Bluehost, Hostgator, hostmonster Etc..These hostings offer simply shared hosting range from $3 to $5 per month approximately.

When your website is under development, you can buy a Greengeeks hosting o a monthly or yearly basis, why I mentioned Greengeeks hosting here, they offer maximum requirements to host a WordPress or Joomla website. Their server cache & technical details are Excellent. Your website load time is also very fast on Greengeeks servers.

Things to be considered before you choose to host?


How much RAM is required for my website, if it is under development or having less traffic, shared hosting’s are Enough for your website, you don’t need to waste your money by buying hosting from high-cost servers like wp Engine Etc.. Do you know 512 MB of ram is enough to run a website getting 25k visits daily? Hostgator Business Plan is Enough for a WordPress website getting 20k visits per day.

Bandwidth :  

Bandwidth means, How many times your users download your website, Consumption of your website data is called bandwidth. For example, your website front page is 2 MB, if 100 users visit your website, then they download 200MB of data, this comes under bandwidth. Bandwidth depends on RAM & CPU. if 100 users came at a time, your RAM & CPU must be Stable to handle all those users, if it is unable to handle your website means, your website becomes slow, 500 Errors Etc.


We all know that our smartphones having Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, which makes smartphones load fast, like that we need better CPU’s 1 core, 2 core,8 cores. if our CPU cores increase our website will load faster & faster. load time will decreases, which will be good for SEO purposes.

Top Picks for shared Hosting:

GreenGeeks: You can choose to host From greengeeks at $3.95 only, You can host unlimited domains With Unlimited emails at $3.95. Where other hosting providers price is higher, Some hosts won’t allow hosting unlimited domains, they allow only single domain.

Hostgator: Hostgator is also a great Hosting provider, you can try Hostgator for just $0.01 For 1 month, if you like their hosting, you can continue with them.

Bluehost: Bluehost is well known for its web hosting, you can host a domain or site for $3.95.

Dreamhost: Dreamhost is also a popular web hosting, But their Pricing was Somewhat Higher than Normal Hosts, Price starts at $7.95 per month.DreamHost is the leader in shared web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, cloud storage, and cloud computing & with a 97 Day Money Back Guarantee.

For those Who like to Host on Dream Host, Get a 40% Discount or Save $50 on DreamHost – An exclusive offer

Inmotion HostingInMotion Hosting is a top-rated U.S.-based web hosting company offering Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Servers. Their shared hosting is great for static websites, database-driven content management systems, and custom applications & Free Domain Included with Every Hosting package worth $14.99 & They offer 90 days Money Back Guarantee With Free SSD Drives & Backups.

Wp Engine: The Hosting is only WordPress blogs, they offer premium WordPress hosting with Great support, their plans start at $29 per month, But you can host only 1 Website.

Liquid Web: The Hosting is famous for WordPress Managed Hosting, VPS Hosting & Dedicated hosting, they called themselves a Strom Hosting – Their hosting will be fast & Good.

if your Budget is Limited to $1 to $3 per month, You Can still get Hosting With Free Domain With IPAGE :

Ipage: This web hosting offers you Web hosting With Free Domain For just $1.99 per month. So if your budget is $2 & you Like to host an HTML or Normal Static Website or 1 WordPress Website Blog, You can choose ipage Hosting.

The Above links will provide you discounts of up to 70% to save on shared Hosting Plans.

The above hosting providers offer Free cpanel with Any Hosting plan. So you can install a WordPress blog very fast.

Let’s Start the WordPress Setup with Each Host:

Setup a WordPress With Hostgator:

After Purchasing a Hosting plan from Hostgator services, you will get an email to the registered Email of your hosting account. Open the email, see the login details of your cpanel account. if you didn’t get the details , email the Hosting company support service to get the details.

1. Login in to your cpanel account.

2. search quick install or quick, you will see an icon named quick to install in your cpanel account. Please observe the below image.

how to setup a wordpress blog

Remember I have a HostGator account, so I am showing the HostGator cpanel image. Every cpanel account has the same functions with a different interface.

Now its time to install a WordPress blog on your website,

1. Click on the icon Now, You will see mojo marketplace & on the left side, you can see many names like WordPress, Joomla, drupal etc.

2. Click on WordPress, You will see the Below Image.

how to setup a wordpress blog

3. Click on the install WordPress Button, you will see the website selection dropdown. if you like to install in a subfolder, you can place a name there(no need to create a folder).

how to setup a wordpress blog

Place You Email in admin Email option, insert Blog Title & Username, first name & last name.

Click on install WordPress, that’s all. You will get Login details to your admin email & and you are successfully installed your first WordPress blog. Hope you are Done. Please share it with your friends.

Host a WordPress With Greengeeks Web Hosting:

Greengeeks is one of the Best hosting companies that WordPress recommends, and at a cost of just $3.96/ per month, it’s just about impossible to beat their level of hosting, customer support, and uptime reliability for the same inexpensive price. They Even provide one free backup restoration service every month. 48 Hours before backups are stored automatically.

So sign up for a Greengeeks Hosting account.


Go through this link:

See the feature the Web Hosting offers you, they offer wide options & features for your new blog, Free Website migration is also provided & with free domain name registration & free Business Email with address. Click on get started.





IF You Own a Domain Name, place your domain in the right side option, leave blank on the left side.

If you have a Domain name for registration, place the name on the left side, leave blank on the right side.

greengeeks 2

Click on Continue Option, so that you are on the signup registration Form.

Place your email address & name clearly, You will get the login details to your registered email only. you can choose the server location as us or Canada.

step 3

The Final option is to pay the bill for your Hosting, Green geeks offer a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, if you are not satisfied, they will refund the full amount. you can also pay via Paypal by clicking on see more payment options. You will get pay by the PayPal option.

create ac get

Once you registered & Completed your order, you will get all details to your registered email address. Their servers are optimized for WordPress, Blazing fast SSD raid 10  Disks with enhanced security makes them best for your WordPress hosted blog.

After logging into your account, you will see an icon name as softaculous . Click on that icon & You will be redirected to installation services.

Click on the WordPress icon :

wp installation

You will be redirected to the below screen to fill in the details, Fill all Details as shown in the demo picture.

soft setup

After Filling in all details, just click on the install button, you will get your word press login details & also you will get details to your email with login Url & username, password.

Now you have done the setup & completion of your blog, Just Go through the WordPress dashboard by checking the options & themes.


There may be 1000’s web-hosting company’s in the world or even more. Bluehost will be at the top of them, they have been hosting millions of WordPress blogs with optimized performance. has been recommending Bluehost services for 10 years.

How to Setup a WordPress Blog on Bluehost:

Step 1: Get hosting on Bluehost. Sign up with a special offer

Step 2: No need to register a domain with other service providers, Free Domain With Every Hosting account, Save $12.

Step 3: Place your domain in the new domain, if you already registered. Or Place your domain on the right side, if you already have a domain name.

WORDPRESS BLOG setup on bluehost

Step 4: Click “Next” After that complete your registration form in all required fields. No addons are required to check, un-check them.

Step 5: Finally, you need to pay the bill with a valid debit or credit card, which was accepted internationally.

Step 6: Once you have done the payment, you will get an email to your registered Id, with all Credentials to login into your Cpanel.

Installing a WordPress Blog on Bluehost :

Step 7: once you login into Cpanel, You will see a Mojo Marketplace icon or name in the Control panel. Click on that.

Step 8: You will be redirected to a Marketplace, Then Click on the Install WordPress icon, I a banner

install wordpress

Once you click on install WordPress, you will get the below screenshot :

install wp


That’s it, Dude, you have successfully installed your new blog, Login to the WordPress admin panel & start blogging. Happy Blogging on your new WordPress blog.

I don’t know all of these things, Help me to purchase a Hosting & install WordPress for me, Can you help me?

Yes, sure. if you didn’t Even purchase Hosting, Just You Contact me: [email protected]

I will install & set up it for free if you sign up for a hosting account with my affiliate link.


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