How to speed up your Blog Hosted by blogger

speed up your Blog with my Techniques:

speed up your Blog

If your blogger site was loading slowly detect the script or images which are loading slowly ,check whether it was hosted by Google code.if not upload scripts to Google code .

Normally when you installed custom template you have to check the codes and images that are not hosted by Google free services.

Fast loading web sites in fact lead to higher visitor engagement, retention and conversions.   Your visitors come from different areas with slow and fast internet connections. You often lose traffic due to slow load time. You loose traffic by welcoming visitors with dead slow web pages and as a result loose several valuable subscribers every day. If your subscription list is not increasing then it could probably be either because of your not-so-attractive blog content, browser conflict issues or at most a slow site speed.

The more visitors leave your blog, the higher your bounce rate grows and the lesser your ad impressions. Therefore there are some easy optimization methods that will help you speed up your blog like never before!

Things you have to check in your template.

Check your css code in between tags

Check your java scripts

Check your background images .

Check your menu tabs and sidebar images.

Combine All JavaScript’s:

Hope it will help you to speed up your blogger Blog.

Don’t use many links on front page,keep it below 100 so that Google can crawl your site easily.

After changing all check your site it will load fast .i have experienced this problem once so i wrote this article.

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