How to Remove adware in google Chrome ?

How to Remove adware in google Chrome ?

Now a days many addon & software are target the google chrome browser, as it was a fastest & popular Browser in the world, unlike other browsers chrome browser has apps & addons.

Before 2 days i installed one software which is regarding computer cleanup, after that my google search & homepage was changed to some new website, whenever i open chrome the website was coming & also a pop up was opening to install some addons, whenever i am browsing the websites & also redirecting to some adware or bloatware websites.

Many people in the world may be facing this issue, to recover the original chrome & enjoy web experience , i have found an answer :

Just Go to below url in chrome :


You will get a Pop up , like the below screenshot :

chrome reset

Just click on reset button, Chrome will analyse the browser , which has bloatware & ask a confirmation , just click on remove button, that’s it.

chrome unwanted

Your chrome will be reset to default settings in your profile , Even you are logged in with your gmail account.

Thanks to google chrome for this nice feature t remove such type of bloatware or adware.

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