Read This Before You choose a website hosting ?

Be Careful Before You Choose a website hosting!

how to choose a website hosting servers for your website, Everyone has a typical situation to choose website hosting servers for their websites.Websites can be simple or Hard Coded or Built up with open source platforms. FOr example if you are hosting a wordpress website you jHow to choose a website hosting servers ?ust need a Good webhosting like bluehost , hostgator , hostmonster Etc..These hostings offers simple shared hosting range from $3 to $5 approximately.

When your website is under development, you can buy a Greengeeks hosting o monthly or yearly basis,why i mentioned Greengeeks hosting here, they offer maximum requirements to host a wordpress or Joomla website. Thier server cache & technical details are Excellent. Your website load time also very fast on Greengeeks servers.

3 Things to be consider before you choose a hosting ?


How much RAM required for my website, if it is under development or having less traffic, shared hosting’s are Enough for your website, you don’t need to waste your money by buying hosting from high cost servers like wp Enigne Etc.. Do you know 512 MB of ram is enough to run a website getting 25k visits daily. Hostgator Business Plan is Enough for a wordpress website getting 20k visits per day.

Bandwidth :  

Bandwidth means , How many times your users download your website, Consumption of your website data is called as bandwidth. For example, your website front page is 2 MB, if 100 users visit your website, then they download 200MB of data, this comes under badnwidth. Bandwidth depends on RAM & CPU. if 100 users came at a time, your RAM & CPU must be Stable to handle all those users, if it is unable to handle your website means, your website become slow, 500 Errors Etc..


We all know that our smart phones having qualcomm snapdragon processors, which makes smartphones to load fast, like that we need better cpu’s 1 core, 2 core ,8 cores. if our cpu cores increases our website will load faster & faster. load time will decreases , which will be good for SEO purposes.

Recomended Website Hosting TO Host your website :

1. Greengeeks : Best to Host wordpress & other Open Source or HTML Websites.

2. Bluehost : Best WordPress Web Hosting, but Greengeeks is much better.

3. Hostgator: Recently hostgator upgraded their servers from apache to nginx, which make site cache very easy & flexible. Quick install option inside hostgator cpanel automatically install wp Super cache & activate it with recommended Settings.

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