How to choose a Domain Name for your blog ?

Domain is the prime thing which tells your audience that what is this blog all about.

One can easily guess the type of the content you will be having in your blog after listening the name of the domain. In the race of blogging, people are registering the domains like mad and they are not even aware about some of the basic thumb rules while selecting the domain.

Few days back there was an offer by Godaddy and NameCheap and People had gone crazy for booking the domains. Even I booked some good domains. But during this time I felt some of the things which you as a blogger must consider about your domain. So the followings are the Key Points.

1- Have clear impression of what is your Niche

The very First and most important thing while selection of your domain must be about your Niche. If you Niche is about blogging then you can search with the keywords blog, blogger, blogging, blogs etc. which is giving clear impression that you are having blogging related material in your blog. For Technical blogs you can use geek, nerd, tech, techie, techno etc.

2- Don’t use Numbers

Using numbers in the Domain is the biggest mistake from my point of view. because everytime you are telling about your domain to your friend or any relative you will have to tell them this is the number. Let’s have a look at following. – so you will have to tell every time that this is number 4 not for.

3- Be creative

Your Domain must be creative with the clear explanation about your Niche. For this you will have to brainstorm your mind and better to use because this site will give you key to key availability for your Domain. Spend some time while finding your domain so that this will stand out from the crowd.

4- Rhyme Everything

Another thing is the Rhythm of your Domain. Domain must have proper Rhythm and easy to remember. The visitor must feel comfort while typing your domain in his address bar. Like if you blog is like then every time he will be confused that here are two s or three. So work on this a try to avoid such things.

5- Domain Name Meaning

Your Domain must have proper meaning. So that while selling it you don’t have to face the criticism that why you purchased this domain without having any proper meaning. Show your creativity and use the synonyms of the sentence you are looking for.

Hope these points will help you discover your Niche more clearly and have a good Domain Name. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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