How to Build a wordpress blog for Beginners ?

How to Build a WordPress blog for Beginners?

Hi, My name is mahesh. Today, I am Going to teach you, how to start a blog or set up a website, link your domain & Setup your Blog For your website. In Starting stages of 2012 I started With a Free Blog Service, After Posting Some content, My blog has been suspended By Saying ” viloation of terms & conditions Due to copied or spam content ” I Really Shocked, Because All my hard was gone, Because of 1 or 2 Copied posts or Content. So I realized, I need my own hosted Blog.

I have been creating & setup many blogs & websites for my clients, since 2012. I am an expert in WordPress setup, server setup for un-managed servers, Fixing WordPress Errors or Bugs.

At starting of my carrier, I don’t know, how I can buy a domain & install WordPress to set up a blog & start Publishing posts. I am also offering free blog setup & installation services for $0.

However, it’s very easy to start & set up a blog, Especially with WordPress,

Why WordPress? you may ask this question :

it was a great content management system for every website, Even many big websites like tech crunch & other popular websites are using WordPress for their blogging purpose, It has a lot of plugins, themes for free. Great For Seo & Customizations. My blog also Uses WordPress. So I am teaching you the step-by-step procedure to make a successful blog today, lets start!


I always recommend a self-hosted Blog, At starting, I used a free blog service, one day they suspended my account & deleted my blog by saying “you violated our terms & conditions ” or ” you are using our service by publishing spam”. So I always recommend a self-hosted site using WordPress. Why? It gives you the freedom to publish your own articles & Good for SEO purposes. No one can delete or suspend your blog or content. You can also authorize or provide aces to authors & editors without giving full permission. But, there is a small cost involved, but it will be worth it in the future,  to have total control over your own site. The first thing you’ll need to do to set up your self-hosted blog on WordPress is select your domain name and hosting package. 


First, you need to think about a domain name, Don’t think about simple & easy words For your domain name, because maximum domains were already registered by many people in the world. So be unique & Short in selecting a domain name. You need to do some research on the website domain name selection, whether it is available or not. so Checkout  Bust a Name service to do some research. it will provide some similar combinations of keywords to select a proper domain name. It’s also fun entertainment when you’re stuck at home on a Saturday night. ???? 

Once you selected a perfect name, You need to register it, Before someone registers the same name with the domain registrant. Else, you can buy both domain & web hosting with a great deal to save money. if you like to register a domain name with a separate hosting provider, you can also register it with Godaddy at $1.99. Their site is super user-friendly, and the prices are really affordable. If you’re just starting out, I recommend you keep things as simple as possible and take advantage of the free domain name with Bluehost.


selecting a Good Hosting provider is very important because your blog will live there, You need a trustworthy host. because if you have problems after going live, you need good support from your web hosting. The Hosting provider needs to be good at speed and accessibility. 24/7/365 Support is also an important factor to consider when choosing a host. You want to be able to call when an issue arises and have it fixed right away to avoid blog downtime as much as possible.

There are a few Reliable & Trustworthy web hosting services that I have used and recommend. If you’re just getting started and want an amazing combination of price, speed, and reliability for your blog, I recommend Bluehost. It’s a big company I have a great experience with Bluehost.

I also Written an article about some of the Best hosting recommendations but if you want to keep things simple and get started right away, go with Bluehost.



I am Treating you as a Newbie & New in Setting up a blog, so I am explaining in a pixel-perfect way to clear all your Doubts. It was very simple & Easy. 

1) Navigate to Bluehost. You’ll be re-directed to Bluehost through my affiliate link and you may get a few additional perks for signing up through my code. (Thank you for your support!)

how to start a blog


2) The 2nd step will take you to point your main domain in your Bluehost account, Bluehost offers free domains as you are a new customer to them, so you can register the new domain or if You’ve already a domain name at this point, then you need to enter the domain name in right side. For registration fill the left side field.

2-how to start a blog
3) Enter your account and contact information, Don’t enter your business name. It was an optional field.

3-how to start a blog

4) The “package information” section asks you to choose the best plan for your account. The Higher the period, Bluehost will lower your fees. It’s important to note that Bluehost charges you for the full 36 months upfront. You are prepaying for the hosting. That’s one of the reasons they are able to offer great hosting at such a small price. They always have that money-back guarantee, though, so you won’t risk losing your money.

4-how to start a blog

There are some add-ons available on this screen, Don’t worry about those yet. You can add them later only if you needed. (I recommend setting up backup’s manually for your blog in cpanel, by compressing the files into a zip folder & downloading to your pc or cloud drive for safety) so you don’t lose all of your work if your site Go down or crash or your host would have a problem. However, there is a free Dropbox plugin called WordPress Backup to Dropbox. You can easily backup your website to Dropbox ( Get 500Mb Extra With The Link).

5) Enter your billing information, agree to the service agreements, and then click “next.”

5-how to start a blog

6) There are some additional add-ons you can ignore at the bottom of the page . you can purchase it here, but I wouldn’t Recommend it. These could be added later if you need them. Click “complete.”

6-how to start a blog

7) Congratulations! You officially have a Bluehost account. Next, you need to create your password.

7-how to start a wordpress blog

8) On this screen, you’ll create your Bluehost account password. Don’t forget it! (Make it a strong password with symbols like @ * ^ & with 10 characters. so no one can hack your site!)

8-how to start a blog with wordpress

9) Now, you can log into your account for the first time! Make sure you’re logging into “hosting” and not “webmail.” Your account details have been sent to your email.

9-how to start a wp blog
10) When your account opens for the first time, you’ll see a helpful little welcome message. Fortunately, I’m walking you through the process, so select the “close this welcome message and don’t show it again” button. ????

10-how to start a blog

11) Once you close that window, you’ll be in your account dashboard, which comes with cpanel. You will get very familiar with this page. First things first– you need to install WordPress. Click the “install WordPress” button at the bottom of the screen.

11-how to start a blog 2

12) On the WordPress Installation screen, click “Install.”

12-how to start a blog

13) Click “Show advanced options.”

13-how to start a blog

14) Name your site (you can always change it later), create a username & WordPress login password. You’ll want to make sure that “Automatically create a new database for this installation” and “I have read the terms and conditions of the GPLv2” are checked as well. Click “Install Now.”

How to Build a wordpress blog for Beginners ?

15) Watch the little bar at the top of the next screen turn green. That means WordPress has been successfully installed.

15-how to start a blog tutskit with bluehost

16) Now check your email, and you should have something from Mojo Marketplace. This email is important, so make sure you save it! It includes your website URL, your WordPress admin login URL, and your WordPress login username.

17) From the email in the previous step, click the Admin URL, which ends with /wp-admin/ It will take you to a site that looks like the one below. Enter your username.

18) To retrieve your password, navigate back to your Bluehost tab and click the very bottom “view” to see your WordPress password. Remember, this alert expires after 12 hours, so make sure you get the password within that time period.

19) This page shows everything you need to start using WordPress. I like to take a screenshot of this page and save it somewhere that I’ll be able to access easily if I forget my info. (Not that I’m forgetful or anything…. okay, just don’t ask my husband about that. ???? )

20) Now that you have your password, you can log into WordPress and you’ll be presented with a welcome message in your WordPress dashboard. You will learn to love this. Spend some time going through the various settings. It may be confusing at first, but in no time it will all be second nature. connect to to get reports & status of your blog.



You did it! Finally !!! The Next Main Thing is Choosing a Good & Seo Friendly Theme, right? Your theme will determine many of the visual aspects of my blog– my background, colors, fonts, navigation bar, and the social media buttons in my header are all part of my theme.

tutskit how to start a blog now

{photo of my blog design}

I’m a web designer, I chose to go with the Genesis Framework, which gives me the main building blocks I need to build a strong site. Which is good for faster page loads & Speed. However, there is a lot of free themes available in WordPress, however, the premium theme has advanced options to get a rich look. Premium themes are better to buy one. ????

StudioPress, the creators of the Genesis framework has developed & designed many child themes based on the genesis framework. You can install child themes, which suits well for your Blog.

And that’s the End of this Tutorial on, how to start a blog! You can totally handle the technical side of blogging– don’t let it intimidate you! Sure, if you need any help , I am available For Hire to Help you Technically, Skype me: Joomla-man

Now that you have a domain name, hosting, and a theme, You can add plugins to integrate Google Analytics, Adsense, site security, site speed, and custom email addresses to your blog with plugins -> Add New -> Browse & Search New Plugins.

If you ever have any questions about the technical side of setting up a blog, please ask away in the comments, and I’ll try to help as best we can. No, Let’s rock the blogging world!!

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