How a UK Blogger Earned $2950 In His 5th Month?

Today I like to inspire & motivate Some Startup bloggers, Who are Still Hustling for Earning money, So Get Inspired by reading this Post. Some people share their income reports, however there wont be any transparency ,what they promote & how they promote ? what programs they promote, I have analysed how this blogger earned this much within 5th month in a detailed way.

UK Blogger Earned $2950

His name is Allan, He is From U.k , He is very proud of what he earned from his blog after learning from past mistakes. he started Earning From his 3rd month of blogging.

Learn How to start a Blog in 5 minutes like Allan :



His Commitment & Hard Work Made Him to earn a Smart income, He Given a brief report With a list of networks , How much he made From Each Network & also i have analysed how he got traffic & visitors From his blog & how he promoted his blog posts well in social media.

List of Networks Allan promoted & Earned :

Bluehost: $349.00  ( Best WordPress Hosting to start a Blog)

Flex Offers: $1,883.31

Google Adsense: $85.62 ( CPC program From google)

NewsMax: $92.84

ShareASale: $200.00

Smart Asset: $85.56

Sponsored Posts: $255.00

Tailwind: $45.00

Income Total: $2,972.33

He has Earned $1,883.31 from Flex Offers :

Here is The List of affiliate Programs He promoted well :

Surveys For Cash :  He & His wife Earned $175 by taking surveys online, it helped him to pay bills For his Home.

Bing rewards : He Joined Bing rewards program to Earn points & turning into cash, He has been using Bing rewards From past 2 years & made $136 From it.

Bluehost : He Started Promoting bluehost to some of his Readers & made $350 in commission, Which is very Impressive .

Tailwind:  It s a social media sharing platform to promote pins in pinterest. its a magic behind his earnings , His pins shared in less than 30 minutes a day to pin at least 150 pins across boards in his account. He earned $45 from it.

Swagbucks : He made $260 by Doing Bing search via swagbucks & doing some surveys.Which helped him to buy groceries & gas.

The remaining Earnings are little kick knacks , So He didn’t mentioned .

His Next Step was to Join The Good CPL affiliate networks :

  1. Peerfly : One of The best CPL network in the world with best affiliate support provided.

2. Maxbounty :  The #1 CPA,CPL network in the world, it will accept application in strict way. So you need great communication while talking with your affiliate manager after sign up.

How He Increased Traffic & Gain readers to Generate sales :

traffic report

He told that, Tailwind (Get 15$ For free With 1 Month Free With our affiliate Link) has made him easy to share his posts on pinterest & within 30 minutes he pinned 150 posts to 150 boards. The traffic has suddenly gained for his blog posts as shown in graph.

So Determination & hard work is the key for success , Don’t be lazy by sitting simply & browsing nasty websites in-front of computer or laptop. Be strong, live Life happily.

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