How 2 Become a Food Blogger & Earn Money ?

Do you Like Cooking & Doing Yummy Food For your Family & Children ? Tired of Doing Youtube Videos & getting less Views ? Do you know Content is King in Promoting your videos & adding them a Good value in the world of internet.

Let’s Start a Food Blog in a Detailed Way :

Today i am Going to Give a Free Tutorial on How to start a Food Blog & Monetise it To earn a Passive Income Online For Free. So You are Going to Read My Tutorial Now ,  Hold all Off your things , Even your Mobile For 5 minutes.

how to start a food blog

Let’s Start Dude !

Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you purchase through those links. I have used all of the products listed below and recommend them because they are helpful and are companies that I trust.

Things To Remember Before to Start a Food Blog :

  1. Choosing a Domain & Web Hosting
  2. Installing WordPress ( A Free Open Source Platform For Blogging)
  3. Choosing a Perfect Theme

There are Many Food Bloggers making a Six figure income online ($) ,yes , they are doing blogging & sharing tips & tricks in their food blog


Choose a Domain name & Web Hosting :

You may Have Some Names in your mind about a Domain name , You may be Specialist in starters or Fry’s or roasts. So Choose a Suitable domain name that was related to your Content you like to share on your blog.

Click here to open Bluehost in a new tab, and click the green Get Started Now button:

How to Start a Food Blog Bluehost

i recommend grabbing the Basic plan. It’s the most cost-effective plan and is suitable for new and growing blogs:

Bluehost Basic Plan

I already suggested you to choose a name that matches your content you share on your blog, so Come up with a catchy name for your blog, and enter it as one phrase in the New Domain box. Click Next to see if that domain is available. Move on to the next step if it is. Come up with another name if not.

Bluehost Domain

The first part of creating your account is easy. All you need to do is enter your name and billing address just as you would with any other online purchase:

Bluehost Billing Address

Bluehost will show Some package information with radio buttons. The boxes are for Site Backup Pro, Search Engine Jumpstart and SiteLock Security – Find might be ticked by default. Un-tick them , I wont recommend for startup bloggers.

Do you need Domain Privacy Protection ? if anyone like to get the domain registrant they will get the information on directory, if you opt for domain privacy means, your information will be hidden or protected.

Bluehost Package Information

Next is your payment information. Enter your credit/debit card information if you want to pay by card. Click More Payment Options if you want to pay with PayPal. Confirm that you’ve read the Terms & Conditions, and submit your order.

Bluehost Payment

Installing WordPress to setup Your Food Blog

Sign into your new Bluehost account. You should land on the Hosting home screen. Scroll down until you find the Website section, and click Install WordPress:

Install WordPress

Click Check Domain on the next page:

Check Domain

Wait for the installer to check your domain.

Once that has finished you now have your brand new blog installed! You can click “View Credentials” to see your blog login URL and you will also receive an email with links to your new blog and the admin page link.


Click the link for the Admin URL and you can login with your username and password and begin choosing a theme.


Choosing a Food Blogging Theme

Your Site design is a key factor to gain visitors for your blog, i have some recommendations for you, i have found some good themes for your food blog.

  1. The Genesis Framework – This is the current framework we’re using with Pinch of Yum. You’ll also want to look into the available StudioPress Themes, like the Foodie Theme.



Stacker is a Pinterest-style theme available here at ThemeFurnace. It’s a stunning, minimalist theme that relies on beautiful imagery, making it an ideal theme for beauty blogs. The homepage uses a masonry grid style that lets you use images of different sizes, giving readers a stunning way of consuming your content.

Details/Download                     View Demo


Blogetti is a premium WordPress blog for food bloggers. The theme is designed with readability and best user experience in mind. We did our best to pack the theme with all necessary features making the life of the blogger easier.


More Info & Demo


Vegetexia is a ready-made Food Blog WordPress Theme that can be used to start blogs or recipe websites. Its clean styles draws the users’ eye to your content, without distracting their attention with heavy design elements


More Info & Demo

Recipe Blog

Cooking websites are terribly useful as you don’t have to wrack your brain for great recipes. Such resources are considered to be a great visual inspiration to get you in the cooking mood.


More Info & Demo


Show off your cooking and recipes with this great quality WordPress food blog theme.


More Info & Demo

 Tasty Blog

Share your recipes with the world, Tasty Blog is a responsive WordPress Food blogging theme.


More Info & Demo


Installing Your Theme in WordPress Dashboard

Once you decide what theme you want, purchase it if need be, and download it.To install a theme in your WordPress dashboard ,Log into the WordPress admin account of your site, hover over Appearance, and select Themes:

WordPress Themes

Click the Add New button at the top of the page:

Add New Theme

Click the Upload Theme button at the top of the page:

Upload Theme

Click Choose File, and select the ZIP folder you downloaded for your theme. Click Install Now:

Install Now

Click Activate to activate your theme:

Activate Theme


Remember, your Food Blog needs a Good camers & HD Videos to share & capture them .i recommend you to try DSLR cameras . The right settings, lighting and photo editing software can bring out the best in your phone’s camera. Some companies have even made special lenses for these phones.

However, if you have a budget for your food blog then, you need to consider getting a professional camera. Don’t get hung up on brands. Nikon and Canon are safe bets, so stick with them while you’re learning the ropes.

Here are a few entry Best Selling level DSLR Camera available at amazon, Check Out Now.


Monetizing to Make Money with a Food Blog

The best way to make money with a blog is by creating a great content , when everyone share or like our content in social media like facebook, pinterest,twitter , instagram your website will get a lot of traffic & subscribers, After getting a valuable subscribers You can sell ebooks and courses, and market them to your audience. The easiest way to make money is through the use of affiliate marketing and advertising.

Suggest Some Products From amazon like recipes , Kitchen appliances , blenders Etc.. via your amazon affiliate links, you will earn money .

If your blog grows with lot of subscribers, you will get sponsored by content by other websites to review them.

You can also place Google Adsense ads , to earn a decent income via your blog & also sharing food videos in your youtube channel, make sure you create a seperate channel for your food blog.


i hope i’ve given a detailed tutorial on how to start a blog & make money online in a detailed process, Setting up the technical stuff can hold a lot of people back, You can also Hire me or email me for any help : [email protected] , but once you start sharing the content , you will get a lot of ideas.

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