what’s the speciality in hostmonster Web Hosting ? Review

Hostmonster Web Hosting ? Review

we have a lot of web hosting company’s in the market,all have their own customers & Running business successfully. To day i am going to review hostmonster.com & their service speciality, Are they really worth ?

First we will see the features they offer for their customers,

Anyone who like to buy a web hosting they will see & compare features, analyse whether it will be suitable for their website or not, will it meet their traffic needs or not, When hostmonster started their business & are they trust able or not ?

  1. Hostmonster started their business in 2005 & still they are providing their services in a better way , with 30 days money back guarantee policy. So we can Trust them .
  2. Hostmonster starting price is $4.95 per month, you may think why can’t i choose another web hosting , Justhost,bluehost offering me at $3.95 per month. They  Support for Custom PHP.INI Files,Perl 5,PostgreSQL Databases,Flash Support,Shockwave Support,Site Backups,Dual Quad Processor Performance Servers,MIDI File Support,Custom MIME Types,Real Audio and Video Support,OpenPGP/GPG Encryption,Streaming Video Support,Spam Assassin Protection.
  3. The Feature i mentioned in Point 2 has some custom features supported by hostmonster, Some webhosts wont support flash due to high cpu usage & some wont support custom php.ini ,open pgp encryption & also web ports , smtp email services.
  4. For example if you interested to start an amazon affiliate store by using plugin woozone , You may not able to import products in some servers which offer hosting for $2.95 or $3.95 per month.
  5. So, Their unique features made them to stand in this competition  & many people still recommend their hosting
hostmonster Web Hosting ? Review
hostmonster Web Hosting ? Review

I have suggested this web hosting those who don’t need cpu throttle for their website to get standard performance, They have various plans with limits & no limits , if you have big website with good traffic try to take pro plan or business plan for better performance.



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