Elance: Get 10 connects for free with Signup

Elance :Get 10 connects for free at , Today i will tell you how to get extra 10 connects. The world of freelance marketplace in world.

Get 10 connects for free in elance before signup

10 connects for free in elance before signup

Remember :

This opportunity if for Newbies who are interested to earn money from elance market place. If you didnt signup up to now, then Sign up with my link to get these extra connects. it will help you to get more job chances then regular connects given by elance. Odesk also offers Good Freelance Opportunitys Like elance. i too like odesk very well. It has changed the name as Upwork Now. if you Even more connects ,you have to pay some $ to gain extra features.


What are Connects?

“Connects” are virtual tokens used by freelancers to submit proposals on open job posts. Elance uses the Connects system in part to ensure clients receive relevant proposals from freelancers who take the time and effort to deliver a thoughtfully prepared proposal. By limiting the number of proposals that a freelancer can make, the system can limit “spammy” proposals. The number of Connects required per proposal varies according to the type of job posting and the budget of the job.

who are eligible for free connects ?

If you simply sign up in elance, you wont get this extra 10 credits for free . Only new people who are sign up with my link will get 10 connects free from elance.

how many connects you can get from elance ?

If you sign up at elance you get 40 connects per month.it means that you can apply only for 40 jobs. if you sign up with my link you will get  50 connects, so that you can apply to more jobs and more money you can earn from elance.If you pay $10 monthly you will get additional features to attach your profile,previous work history .

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