CyberChimps’ Responsive Theme Review: Why it is a must for every WordPress website

While the idea of developing a business website may thrill you, the journey, especially for beginners, is filled with confusion and dilemma. One of the major prerequisites of creating a WordPress website is having a reliable, responsive theme. 

And, considering that there are thousands of options to choose from, uncertainty ought to happen. On top of that, if you’re developing multiple sites at a time, finding different themes for all of them is nothing less than added chaos. 

But what if you got to know that now you can use only one of them for a variety of sites? That’s definitely going to cut down a lot of time and efforts that you’d have otherwise wasted on the search, isn’t it? 

That is how the Responsive theme from CyberChimps works. But the question that arises now is whether this multipurpose theme should be given attention? To find out the answer, let’s delve into this post. 

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About CyberChimps

CyberChimps’ Responsive Theme Review

Founded in 2011 and owned by Hummingbird Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd., CyberChimps is a well-known name in the world of designing and development. Majorly, this firm is concentrating on creating and selling responsive WordPress themes that work equally on different devices, be it computers, tablets, or smartphones. 

Right from user-friendly to the ones attractive enough to design a personal blog, CyberChimps provides an array of WordPress theme options to choose from.

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CyberChimps’ Responsive Theme Review:

Reasons to Love CyberChimps’ Responsive Theme

  • Performance:

While assessing the plus points of a theme, performance tops the list. If the chosen theme is friendly and fast enough, you probably get all the reasons to lock it down. When it comes to CyberChimps’ Responsive theme, you can rest assured of getting adequate mobile-friendliness. 

Apart from supporting different devices, the theme is also AMP ready; thus, it works well on slow mobile networks too. Specifically designed with minified assets, the theme loads fast and quick. 

  • Easy to Customize:

In terms of customization, the theme ranks with 100% possibilities at that. Responsive comes with a WordPress customizer support that allows you to change and alter layouts, buttons, typography, colors, and much more according to the requirements. 

The theme is also compatible with the free and premium versions of the Elementor page builder plugin, further making it easier to design and develop your website as per your preferences. Keeping the needs of customized posts and pages in mind, Responsive is also Gutenberg ready, which allows you to create site pages and upload blogs and articles with WYSIWYG Gutenberg editor 

  • SEO Optimized:

Another considerable aspect of the Responsive theme by CyberChimps is its search engine optimized tendency. The theme has been coded with HTML/CSS best practice to assist search bots in crawling through your website with ease. 

Furthermore, the theme is available with a built-in microdata that includes fundamental site schema attributes to aid search engines to comprehend your site in a better way. And then, since the search engine giant – Google – has already ensured that fast-paced sites get the preference, this theme is designed to load as fast as possible with optimized database queries. 

  • Custom Layout Options:

As far as layout customization is concerned, the theme enables you to make your site look as unique as possible. Right from header & footer layouts to widget areas, container widths and more can be edited with ease. 

Not just that but you can also edit and alter the layouts of your pages and posts. Amidst other things, you can edit sidebar positions, display posts in a grid or a list manner, edit metadata and the appearance of content. 

  • Starter Sites:

For those who’re not ready to spend days and weeks on designing a website, Responsive has a perfect solution. This theme comes with Ready Sites that help you launch a website in a jiffy. All you’d have to do is import a site template, update content, edit the layouts, and launch. That’s quicker than you could think, right? 


CyberChimps is backed by an excellent support team that offers a ticket system to be contacted. The entire team is prompt, helpful enough. They respond quickly as well. Apart from that, the company also provides 24/7 email support to quickly resolve issues regarding themes, site-specific, and generic tech issues. 


CyberChimps, believe it or not, is one of the cost-effective theme providers. To keep the utmost transparency, the company displays clear and on-point prices on the website. For the Responsive theme, the company makes sure that it caters to every type of requirement. 

Thus, they have come up with both free and premium versions of the Responsive theme. While the free version can be downloaded easily, the premium one is available in three different packages that cost $47, $67, and $97 a year. 

Moreover, CyberChimps also offer a 30-days money-back guarantee; thus, you can ensure getting the best out of invested money. 

Final recommendations

Put simply; we will definitely recommend this CyberChimps’ Responsive WordPress theme. Coming from a reputable company, the theme is surely value-oriented. Whether you wish to develop a business website or a personal blog, this theme turns out to be perfect for every requirement. 

With amazing support and satisfactory features, this one comes with a power-packed deal. If you don’t want to spend money, you can try out their free version; however, it will come with restricted features. 

To enjoy the unlimited experience, on the other hand, paying a meager fee a year wouldn’t hurt your pocket in comparison to the growth you’ll be churning out of this Responsive theme. 

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