Creating a Android Project in Android Studio


Creating Project Android in Android Studio . what is it ?, Android android Studio Studio is an IDE for Google Android Development introduced at the I / O 2013. What is the difference between Android Studio to Eclipse?, Android Studio using Gradle to manage the project. Gradle is a Build Automation Tool, get to know more through the following website , this is what distinguishes gradle of Ant or Maven wearing XML.

In this tutorial I will discuss how to create a simple android application project and how to make Bluestack into android emulator in the studio.

1.Creating a Simple Project Android in Android Studio

2.How to Connect Android Studio with Bluestack ?

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Creating a Simple Project Android in Android Studio

1. Download Android studio


To download the latest version of android studio, I advice the download at the following link.  Http://

2. Create Project

This is the start screen Android Studio after loading.

Click start a new Android Studio Project to create a new android project,
then naming and package application as shown below.

on the determination of the target build, if in eclipse there is a section where users specify build targets while only determines the minimum android SDK studio.


Also in the studio making android apps can also build for Android TV, wear and glass.

At the time of election Add an activity to mobile, select a blank activity.
After that the optional choose for your new file, click Finish

3. Initial View

This is the initial display after setting properties earlier project. This android app will display Hello World.

pajaFor an explanation of the layout, folder structure, manufacture and gradle code can be seen in Getting more with Android Studio .

How to Connect Android Studio with Bluestack

Often many complain with the Android emulator of the eclipse because the emulator running very slow and heavy, this is the case also in the studio android.Disaran the use genymotion, android virtual box, and Bluestack. This time we’ll use in this tutorial Bluestack. To improve and speed up the Android Emulator Studio Read the following article  Fixing HAX is not Running on Android Studio .

1. Open Bluestack
In this tutorial I use the BlueStacks App Player can be downloaded at the following link. BlueStacks App Player

2. In Android Studio, Android Click Device Manager.


3. Click the Capture Screen Emulator and click to check our emulator.

4. Click Run to try running the android application.



5. On the Choose Device, select the emulator Bluestack we associate said, After Click OK.



6. Applications already installed on your Android Bluestack



Similarly, the post Make Android in Android Studio Project . If you’re having trouble can ask in the forums and the comments box below.

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