Joomla Database Error – Could not connect to MySQL

Joomla Database Error is common problem happening to many joomla users. One day i faced a problem in Joomla on a remote host for the past few days. Tried re installing using a fresh copy of the Joomla files so I even deleted the Joomla files (uploaded by past users of my development team) in the ...

How to change the administrator Url in joomla

Joomla as well as quite a few 3rd party extension rely on the "administrator" folder. If you change the folder name it will break your site. Instead you could password protect your administrator directory. If you have cPanel this is easy. That way if someone goes to ...

‘JFactory’ error in joomla – Solve IT

'JFactory' error in joomla Everyone knows that joomla is very powerful cms with a lot of components & modules. 'JFactory' error in joomla may cause due to any component or plugin installed recently in your may also cause if you deleted some useful files in your joomla ...

How to Transfer joomla from localhost to a remote host

Transfer joomla from localhost to a remote host by the following ways.(i) Use the extension Akeeba Backup Core to backup your site including the database. You have to transfer the archive file created by Akeeba Backup Core to your remote host and use the kickstart.php script file (created by ...

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