How to choose a Domain Name for your blog ?

Domain is the prime thing which tells your audience that what is this blog all about. One can easily guess the type of the content you will be having in your blog after listening the name of the domain. In the race of blogging, people are registering the domains like mad and they are not even ...

Protect your blog content from copycats

Protect your blog content from copycats by disabling ctrl+c function. Many people now a days are copying content from blogs and websites even me sometimes to post some useful information to my visitors.Any how some are not interested to copy their content. Now i will Give some code to ...

How to speed up your Blog Hosted by blogger

speed up your Blog with my Techniques: If your blogger site was loading slowly detect the script or images which are loading slowly ,check whether it was hosted by Google code.if not upload scripts to Google code . Normally when you installed custom template you have to check the codes ...

Add Auto read blogger feature for Blog templates

Auto read more blogger Feature :     Add auto read more blogger feature to blogger template using simple code. Today when i open tutskit i have seen auto read more was not working, so i uploaded the javascript in google code.So that it will load fast as it was hosted by google.   ...

Email subscription box for blogger

How likely you like add a email subscription box to your blogger blog & get readers to increase your traffic.if you didnt have a feedburner account.Get a account on feedburner website. Add Email Subscription Box In Blogger Copy the below code and replace "tutskit" word  with your feed ...

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