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Creating a Android Project in Android Studio

Creating Project Android in Android Studio . what is it ?, Android android Studio Studio is an IDE for Google Android Development introduced at the I / O 2013. What is the difference between Android Studio to Eclipse?, Android Studio using Gradle to manage the project. Gradle is a Build ...

Creating a SQLite Database in Android Apps

Creating a SQLite Database in Android Apps . It is advisable to read the article Getting to know SQLite Database On Android app before continuing this tutorial. Steps Make a SQLite Database 1. Define the scheme (Define Schema). Define the database name, version, table names, and column names. ...

How to Install Android Studio on Linux ?

How to install Android Studio on Linux, Android Studio provides everything you need to start developing android applications, including Android Studio IDE and tool android SDK. Before You Install android studio on Linux, make sure you have installed the JDK 6 or more (JRE alone is not sufficient) ...

Creating WebView in Android Application Studio 2017

WebView in Android Application Studio: In this tutorial, I will discuss about android programming where we are going to use WebView in Android Studio. WebView is a class on the display and run android based mobile applications wen.Sederhananya, WebView was like android browser, but does not have ...

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