Best Website Malware Removal Services For WordPress sites ?

Did your website Hacked ? Sending Spam ? Infected With Trojan ?

Best Website Malware Removal Services:

It can be a Normal Website or wordpress or joomla or dupal or magento other CMS sites, Even it can be a Custom php website. Mk Services Providing Unlimited malware removal plans for 1 year for just $200 per year for normal websites. They are also Providing simple plans starting at $30 for 7 days (1 time removal).

You can check their website Malware Removal service Plans.

They are also offering WordPress & Web Hosting management services Here

What are the Specialities ?

They will clean malware in Both database & files, some services will leave some files after cleaning website, but they wont keep any files in your file manager.

Some Hackers can inject some decoded code in database, where automatic cleaning services wont work to clean database, they will remove any injected code inside database too …

They also resubmit to google to remove google blacklisting & showing red warning in Google chrome.


For Whom it will be useful ?

Some Websites are Hacked for every 2 or 3 months, for some websites every month they get hacked due to some weak passwords or any other reasons..

Once they get hacked they will hire freelancers for $30 to $200 , after 15 days, if they get hacked again, they will contact the freelancer again to clean (he charge again) or they will scold the freelancer that he didn’t clean it correctly. (they will hire the other)

In spite of repeated spending’s in a year, your budget may go up to $300 to $500.

See the plans listed below :

website malware palns

Is there a Permanent Solution For Malware ?

Malware Removal is not a Complete Malware Prevention Protection. Malware removal is a reactive process, it’s employed to fix a problem, not stop it. The malware removal will remove the infection to include back doors, but it doesn’t fix the access vector exploited.

Will they Provide report ?

They will provide report via email you registered.

domain clean

They work on malware,spam ,black hat spam, redirection, htaccess, php decode,javascript malwares,iframes etc..


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