1 Factor Shifted Me From Digitalocean to Vultr VPS Hosting

Shifted From Digitalocean to Vultr VPS Hosting : Only 1 Factor

I Shifted My Droplet From Digitalocean to vultr vps hosting, People asked me why you shifted ?  what makes you to shift your hosting from digitalocean to vultr VPS Hosting, Both are unmanaged vps hosting, i Know server setup & installation of phpmyadmin,setting up databases & WordPress migration from same or different domain very well.

So it is very easy for me to shift my hosing domains, it consumed my 4 hours of time, as i have to setup vps ,DNS,domains,database,install phpmyadmin Everything Etc.. i need for my domains.

Main Reason or Factors :

Both are Good Webhostings, one is better in one Thing.

Vultr Unmanaged Hosting  $5 plan :

Both are competitive in every aspect , But for $5 plan digitalocean offers only 512MB ram & Vultr provides 756MB Ram.

vultr plans

Digitalocean Unmanaged Hosting $5 plan :

Digital ocean offers 20Gb diskspace,vultr offers 15Gb diskspcae.

do plans

When You compared vultr vs digitalocean in a $10 plan, Then ?

Digitalocean offers 10Gb extra Diskspace than Vultr, Who need to host their files having large images, Need more disk space for storage purpose.

After Shifting my 3 wordpress websites to vultr, I didn’t face any errors establishing database connection, where in digitalocean my MYSQL database crashed every day & then i restart my droplet to restart mysql engine.

I have a offer for both of Unmanaged vps hostings to test drive for 2 months free.

Vultr Credit of 50$ Free for 60 days : Get This offer

Digitalocean Gives 10$ in Your account who signup With our Link.

I need More CPU power For my sites:

My $5 droplet consumed CPU ,only 1 minute & then site went down every 2 days, in vultr hosting i have more CPU power, which makes mysql query to load faster. If you need more memory Take vultr hosting or If you need more disk space then you go for Digitalocean.

cpu 2

metrics 1

Cpu IDLE – Higher is Better – CPU will be In IDLE Condition for page loads.

Response time : Lower is better – Faster response time.


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