Google or Bing New search Feature ! Will it be ?


newsletterI have been using Google & Bing search Engine , Mostly i use Google search due to high search results, in these days, those who know seo & spamming blogs & websites with repeated content ,  Google was showing the repeated results even though they are spammy with same content, nothing more than that.. Here in the below results, there are some good sites too, but after visiting the sites, only user will get opinion on the website, its waste website or spam website.. if google or bing introduces the block website feature once they signed into the their respective gmail or hotmail or live accounts, it will get stored.

So i am searching for a keyword : “newspaper theme nulled “

Screen shot :


when i go through the results, i am seeing repeated content, which is like junk for me,

I need a new feature, not me , may be so many , who are facing this search results, Google or bing or yahoo needs to implement to block a website for a personal user account, so that the blocked websites will be stored in his account.

There should be a option to show, in a alert or bottom of results , that there are some results from your blocked websites , click here to view, the user will be get quality results from the search results, when google implements this new feature..

it should be a option below the cache option in search results, it will be a excellent option for the google or Bing or MSN or Yahoo search engine to gain more attention to their search engine.

Will it be a Good idea for the users to get quality search results, so they wont see those website results in their search & they will save their time.

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