Google analytic’s showing wrong data ?

Google analytic's showing wrong data for me?

Google analytic’s showing wrong data for me?

When i am getting page views my blogger data shows me 7000+ pageviews but when i see in my Google analytic s account, i am seeing only 4532 page views.  i am shocked why it was happening like this for me.

Can u any on tell me why it was happening like that..

yesterday page views are 9528 shown in blogger, but when i saw my Google analytic’s account it was very less. 

I have inserted Google analytic’s on head tag below <head> in blogger.Somewhat my page views tracking was improved fine. before that it was too bad.i thought i have not installed Google analytic’s tracking well inside my blogger blog.May be the blogger has tracked views by spam bots & showing wrong page views compared with Google analytic’s..If any one has same issue, post a comment below so that we can discuss here..
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