About Tutskit : Founder Mahesh Kummara & His Journey

Welcome to Tutskit.com – A Blog Dedicated to Deliver “How to Tutorials” to Share New Things Going in this internet World.There are many Bloggers Living a laptop Life Style.

i Started Tutskit.com in 2013 By registering on godaddy & Hosted via Blog spot & Transferred it to wordpress using Justhost in 2014. i am Providing Tutorials on Web technology Like Blogging & WordPress. However, I am sharing offers For My Subscribers. This Blogging Field Was High in USA & U.k & also in INDIA.

What You can Found On Tutskit ?

  1. Tutskit Provide Practical tips on Blogging & WordPress.
  2. Making Money Techniques in Online.
  3. Digital marketing & WordPress tips for entrepreneurs, start-ups & businesses.

This site is not limited Only to technology, fashion, travel, finance, or any other kind of blogging. The Blog is For everyone with any kind of blog or website.
Complete Tutorial on How to Start a Blog & Digital ,social marketing to increase traffic, sales & brand value. (Only Understandable for technical Bloggers, marketers & advertisers.)

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About Mahesh Kummara : (Founder of M.K Services)

Hi My name is mahesh Kummara, i Completed My B.tech in 2011 April, At That Time I am Very Motivational towards Singing & dance. I am a Fan Of Michael jackson & His Songs.

The Below Video is My Dance Video in My college Auditorium.

Many people are Praised me In college after seeing that 🙂 , I Went For Auditions in Bangalore in 2011 For India’s Got talent Show By Colors television. My dad Thought i am Going for interview , But after telling that before going to bus Station ,He was very angry. i have Been Selected in Audition at Bangalore & have been called to Mumbai. i went to Mumbai to perform , However , they didn’t Given me a chance to perform in-front of Judges. After a Big Disappointment i returned to my Home, i have been Worried For 2 Months sitting in home, After that , My dad told me to apply for Government Jobs as well as Software Jobs. I have been applying for jobs via online on Job portals & searching for money making methods.

Read My tutorial on How to Earn Money Online via Blogging & Methods

I found a Way Called Google Adsense By Google Inc, a CPC Revenue sharing program. i too started a Small blogspot blog & started Sharing Jobs For Jobseekers, I Earned  a check of $50 which is my first Income , My Mother was Happy , but my father Was still worried & told me to go Bangalore to apply for jobs. I went to Bangalore in 2012 , took a PG & Living with My friend. & i am continuing my small blog by sharing jobs using my friends Laptop & going to internet cafe daily (i don’t even have a Laptop). which was generating around $100 per month. After 1 Month i got a Web Developer Job in a Company, They offered Rs.15000 per month.

Life At Software Company’s :

I need to wake up 6″O Clock & Get Ready By taking Bath & Tiffen ( i don’t like P.G foods) Get ready at 8:00 Am & i need to take a bus , the journey will be 30 minutes in morning & 45 Minutes in Evening. Even it was 1/2 km From My P.G ( paying guest Hostel). I need to work From 9:00 am to 7:00 Pm ,Sometimes it may be 7:30 pm, When i reached My P.g it will be around 8:30 pm or 9:00 pm ,  i will be tired &  i don’t know what i am doing in a day, my Friend & i playing jokes on our life’s. After 1 week, i tired of this city life, I left the job & came to my home & Mailed the H.R i am resigning my job. i don’t want to be here.

A Busy Life, Tired of Bus Journey’s.Work pressure,Expenses.. I left the job.

A turn around in July 2012 :

I have a Desktop Computer in my Home & a Nokia N73 Mobile , I connected it to desktop for internet to start working on the blog. i have been Constantly generating a Revenue of $300 since 2012 & In December its a huge number for me, i generated $1500 in that month. i have paid & cleared Some loans with that.. From 2013 On wards i have Got stability in My income & Started learning new technologies like Website security, WordPress, Malware removal from websites or wordpress websites, joomla Bug fixing, SEM with Adwords, Bing & Social Marketing on Facebook, Website CSS customisation’s.

I don’t have a office up to that, i am working from home itself on a laptop , people Beside My house don’t know what i do, Some may think i am simply sitting in home, If i explain them , they cant Even understand about my work.


I am a blogger,freelancer working online via internet. I can work any wIMG_20160110_183957here With a Laptop. i have worked for Abroad clients on Website security, development & digital marketing.

After that I registered My Company M.K Services to Provide these Services Globally. Now, i earn a four figure $$$$ income.

My father & Mother Both are Happy with that.. I live in 2nd tier City in my own house & office. Very peacefully. I Built my office Room With My Money,Bought a  Car & Living my Own laptop Life Style.There will be a lot of growth in my career Expecting Big numbers. I like Enjoying , hard Working & Visiting Beautiful Places.


Digital Marketing Made My Life happy :

In 2013, I invested My money to built a office room To work , My office is a Single room at 2nd floor of my house. Now My day Start with a Walk ( for healthy life ) & flexibility to work at any time From home or office, No pressure, No travel.

My House & office are at one place , Top Floor is My office.

Here is My office room to work, its been only 4 years , There will be a Lot more $$$$$ needs to come… 🙂IMG_20160719_093409286

Blogging & Digital Marketing made me to bought a car .

My friends are still surprised with the growth, i achieved in these years.


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i also work as security analyst for websites. i can easily clean malware & fix issues regarding security.please let me know, how can we solve the issue caused to you, i will deliver the work within given time. i have deal with malware,spam ,black hat spam, redirection, htaccess, php decode,javascript malwares,iframes etc.. Hire-me-mahesh

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